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Over the centuries, furniture fashion has deviated from ornate, classical looks to contemporary, bold styles that blur the lines between artistry and functionality.

If you like any of the styles we just described, you might like antique furniture. Pieces must be at least 100 years old. They’re typically made from wood and have unique, ornate details that allow dealers to easily date them

Modern style came out of the early 1900s modernist movement. It’s best known for its use of monochromatic color palettes and materials like steel, vinyl, leather, and plastic. See our take on this style.

Contemporary style refers to furniture that is popular today. See some of our current favorites.


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We believe in providing top quality products; which are manufactured by certified furniture designers. The willow interior designers are always there to refurbish your house by providing ample of upholstery products. We are there to help you out by making your living more spacious by providing new lounges, couches, sofa, and other products.

The customized design furniture is there to add a new flavor in your homes. The products we deliver to our customer are embedded with world class designing skills as well as material. We understand that your house depicts your living standard; thus to enhance its beauty with magnificent ideas is our designer's priority.

We put our best efforts and techniques:

We make sure that the elements we provide to our customer are fully matched with their accessories or other items of upholstery. We try to blend some new features together so that your house seems to be superb. To provide you best services for custom design furniture or material we travel all around the world so that can pick some mind-blowing prints for our customer. Thus by keeping your requirements in mind, we merge technology and culture together.


Today we are appreciated because of our foremost approach to reach customers. Thus furniture Design Company i.e. Willow is named under the topmost service providers who are known for their creativity. Our relationship with our customers always make us more confident; hence we can say that with their contribution we can provide this type of marvelous furniture designing service in all around areas. 

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We believe in team effort; thus our every single designer or manufacturer provides their best effort in recreating the world for you. To improvise your interior we focus on the main element i.e. furniture. So instead of focusing on selling ideas, we believe in building the relationship by providing a luxurious environment.  

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